Why Playing Online Games Makes You a Social Person

As a little intro, I am an avid video game player. Friends and I from school and around the world play games for hours every night. I am going to try and keep bias out of this article and reach both sides to the best of my ability.

If you’re a parent and you have a male child, they probably play videogames. When they play they typically play with other people, whether it is people from school or people they met online. They are communicating with each other to give information about the game or just having a normal conversation. When people play online games they have to communicate with each other. When you talk to people online you are talking to a real person just over the internet. Playing online games with other people allows you to be able to meet new people and communicate with people you would not talk to in real life. Playing online games takes away the judgment of what people look like out of the equation and you just focus on their ideals and mindset. Talking to people online makes you focus on what people are saying. When you communicate with people in real life you focus on their body movement and what they look like and not what they are saying. When you communicate online. Talking to people online can make you communicate with people better.

Now time for the rebuttal. When you are playing games inline you do not get the social cues about how someone is feeling. When you talk to people online you can’t know how they are feeling because they might not express it in their voice. When people communicate online they could hide many things and change their voice to sound happy. Also when you talk online you do not learn how to be respectful when you are talking in groups. Talking in real life you can’t just mute people if they annoy you, when you talk to people online you can. Talking to people online doesn’t teach your kids social skills and it also doesn’t teach your child how to stand up for themselves. When you communicate online you don’t have to stand up for yourself because you can just leave the voice chat or just mute the person that is annoying you.

The moral of the story is, talking online can make you meet new people and talk more confidently but it also makes you lose social skills and it means you cannot stand up for yourself when you talk to people online.



I am a just here to tell the world my thoughts and opinions.

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